Mayoral Race Headed for Recount

Mayoral candidate Mary Norwood has asked for a recount of Tuesday’s votes, which showed Kasim Reed leading by 620 votes. (CLICK HERE for the New York Times article.)

Atlanta Runoff Elections Dec. 1 – Vote for Mayor

DON’T FORGET – tomorrow, December 1, is the runoff election in Atlanta. The biggest and most publicized of these runoff races is the one for mayor between Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood. Because the election is tomorrow and there is SO much information on the Internet about the two candidates, I thought I would sum up the last few weeks of newsworthy press about the two and try to remain unbiased. Here goes, in order of most recently published to slightly older news…

The Associated Press posted that the race has boiled down to a racial issue. If elected, Mary Norwood will be Atlanta’s first white mayor in a generation. An AP article published yesterday said “Atlanta, nicknamed ‘The City Too Busy to Hate,’ has had black mayors since Sam Massell, the last white mayor, was defeated in 1973.” (CLICK HERE for the full AP article.) The article ended with this quote from political strategist Tom Houck, “Atlanta is a black city, a symbol to the world. Putting Mary’s face on that picture would be hard for a lot of people to stomach.”

On November 28, The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that the two candidates appeared to be neck and neck in the mayoral race. The article stated, “The contest is widely expected to be decided by one of the tightest margins since Atlanta’s black majority gained political clout in the 1970s. A WSB-TV Channel 2/Insider Advantage sampling on Nov. 20 had the two candidates tied at 46% for the runoff, with 8% undecided. Ms. Norwood won 46% of the vote in the general election, while Mr. Reed came in second with 36%; the runoff is required because no candidate received 50%-plus needed to win outright.” (CLICK HERE for the full article.) This article also put a large focus on the racial issue in the race.

On November 27, AJC blogger Jim Galloway posted that basketball legend Dominique Wilkins switched his endorsement to Kasim Reed less than a month after recording a phone message robo-call for Mary Norwood. (CLICK HERE for the full blog.) You can hear his Norwood endorsement message HERE.

On November 23, Examiner.com posted that “11 Alive News obtained footage of a man picking up Mary Norwood for Mayor campaign signs and handing them over to a worker at the Kasim Reed campaign field office in Atlanta.” Here is a YouTube video that claims Reed’s campaign paid a homeless man to steal the signs:

Finally…Emory University posted part one of October’s mayoral forum. Though this took place before the candidates were narrowed down to Reed and Norwood, I’m including it just in case anyone missed it.

Poll Shows Mayoral Race Neck and Neck

A WSB-TV poll shows Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed are neck in neck in the Atlanta mayoral race. Reed has a projected 46.3 percent of the vote, while Norwood has a projected 46.1 percent.

For the AJC blog CLICK HERE

Atlanta Municipal Election Runoffs

The results are in, and it looks like Atlanta will be voting in a mayoral runoff on Dec. 1 between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed.

City Coucil District 6 is also facing a runoff between Liz Coyle and Alex Wan. The reporting on this Wednesday was confusing and misleading. At one point, Tad Christian was shown as the #2 in Liz’s runoff, but that was never the case.

According to Coyle’s Web site, here are the current numbers posted by Fulton adn DeKalb counties:

1    Wan   3,061

2    Coyle   2,171

3    Christian  2,106

4    Brodie  1,296

5    Azizi   721

6    Gallegos  149

Claire Muller and Caesar Mitchell are in a runoff for City Council President.

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane wins Atlanta Board of Education election

Thanks to everyone who voted yesterday and showed their support for Cecily! With your help, she was re-elected to the District 3 Board of Education! The final count was 5584 to 4110.

Cecily Thank You flier

Why you should vote for Cecily Harsch-Kinnane for Atlanta Board of Education

This morning I received a comment from Charlie Stadtlander and one from a supporter of his about the election. I am glad to see that people appear to be researching both candidates and reading blogs about the election, and I would like to add more information to show why I am supporting Cecily Harsch-Kinnane.

Cecily has a long history of positive interaction with the Atlanta school system and as an advocate for its students. Cecily has been a part of what has made this school board the one that was just recognized as the best urban school board in the nation.

When Atlanta Public Schools were overcrowded, Cecily helped get a new school built to accommodate the students. She spends and has spent an incredible amount of time working in the district as a parent,vice chair of the school board, a school board member (which she has been for four years), a former teacher, and as chair of the audit committee and accountability committee. Cecily truly cares about APS.

“Cecily is the one elected official that our district can’t afford to lose right now. Atlanta Public Schools are in the midst of a wonderful transformation that witnesses Dr. Beverly Hall, who was voted the Superintendent of the Year for the nation, working side by side with the School Board to accomplish great improvement. Grady High School will undergo its transformation in the next year and making sure that we have a voice that is heard and considered is critical in this process.  With Cecily as
our representative, we are sure to have Dr. Hall’s attention.” – Cecily supporter Janet Kishbaugh.

A message from Cecily:

“During my four-year tenure, I have taken on a variety of responsibilities.  I have chaired the Audit Committee and the Accountability Committee.  Since 2007, I have served as Vice-Chair of the Board. As the representative of the board, I sit on the Atlanta Partners for Education, a joint program of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Atlanta Public Schools. I am the board delegate to The Council of Great City Schools, a national policy organization for urban school systems, and sit on its board of directors with Dr. Hall. I am the representative of Atlanta Public Schools for the Georgia School Boards Association Large Systems Forum. And through my responsibility as a board member, I have truly enjoyed hearing from and getting to better know my constituents – the students, parents, teachers and community members of my district. I have felt privileged to benefit from the collective wisdom of District 3 and its long history of community involvement.  I have called on the expertise of those who served before me as well as on the knowledge of the many people who work hard every day to make our schools – and, in turn, our intown neighborhoods and our city – strong, vibrant and welcoming to all.  The tremendous input from constituents, I can humbly say, has made me a more effective board member and, consequently, has facilitated the work of the board and also improved the Atlanta Public School system.”

To read the message in its entirety, click here.

Vote in Atlanta’s Municipal Election tomorrow, Nov. 3, 2009

Please don’t forget to vote in Atlanta’s municipal election tomorrow, November 3!

The mayoral race is close right now, and Kasim Reed could use your vote. Also please vote for Cecily Harsch-Kinnane for Atlanta Board of Education in District 3! She should beat Charlie Stadtlander based on merit, experience and dedication, so please help the best candidate get elected. For more information, visit her Web site:

Cecily for Atlanta Schools

Regardless of the candidates you support, please don’t forget to vote!

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane for Atlanta Board of Education, District 3

If you live in District 3, please take the time to research the two candidates for School Board Representative before voting (actually, please always take the time to research before voting, but especially in this race).

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane is the incumbent running against Charlie Stadtlander. Stadtlander’s platform is bullying in schools, but I’m supporting Cecily for many reasons. The major flaw that I see in Stadtlander’s campaign is that he’s never stepped foot inside a school in the Atlanta Public Schools system. Harsch-Kinnane, on the other hand, has had three children in APS and continues to be involved.

For more information, view these Web sites:

Cecily’s Web site

Cecily on the APS Web site

…and to view Stadtlander’s site, click here: Charlie’s Web site

Early Voting in Atlanta’s Municipal Elections

I voted early in Atlanta’s Municipal Elections when I was home last weekend for fall break. I mainly went to vote for Atlanta’s new mayor and school board representatives, since I’ll be back in North Carolina on election day.

For Metro Atlanta, polls are open for early voting until this Friday, October 23 at the Fulton County Government Center. The Center is located at 141 Pryor St., Atlanta, Suite 4064, 404-612-7060; and the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections office, 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300, in Decatur, 404-298-4020.

For additional voting sites, visit http://www.ajc.com/news/polls-open-for-early-157005.html


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