I am an Atlanta native and a sophomore in college in North Carolina. For my editing and design class, I have to make a blog, so I thought it would be appropriate to make one that keeps me connected to the city I love. Since I’ve met so many other Atlantans at school, this blog also exists to keep them updated on Atlanta news and interesting blurbs. Enjoy!



  1. Michelle- Your blog is very diverse! I like that you have different pages so that all of the information is not thrown at the reader at once. I, personally, would read more into the education of Atlanta, so I appreciate that option that you’ve given me to do so.

    Your seem to have a lot of passion and interest in Atlanta and that is clear through your posts. One thing I would maybe work on is being a little more objective when writing about the Atlanta politics. Maybe include a specific article you’ve been reading on the elections for each post. I think it would help to also shorten the personal responses to the articles by just stating how and why you like the article you’ve found on Atlanta and why people should check it out. Otherwise, this is a great start and I’m excited to see more material!

  2. Hey Michelle,
    I agree with Julie and think your blog looks great with all the different tabs! It looks like you put in a lot of work and are really passionate about your hometown.

    I also think you are really strong in online writing. All of your articles are very web friendly and easy to read. The only thing I would suggest is maybe a few more different types of media, like videos or podcasts or something, but otherwise I think this looks great!

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