Posted by: mwwilco | November 30, 2009

Atlanta Runoff Elections Dec. 1 – Vote for Mayor

DON’T FORGET – tomorrow, December 1, is the runoff election in Atlanta. The biggest and most publicized of these runoff races is the one for mayor between Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood. Because the election is tomorrow and there is SO much information on the Internet about the two candidates, I thought I would sum up the last few weeks of newsworthy press about the two and try to remain unbiased. Here goes, in order of most recently published to slightly older news…

The Associated Press posted that the race has boiled down to a racial issue. If elected, Mary Norwood will be Atlanta’s first white mayor in a generation. An AP article published yesterday said “Atlanta, nicknamed ‘The City Too Busy to Hate,’ has had black mayors since Sam Massell, the last white mayor, was defeated in 1973.” (CLICK HERE for the full AP article.) The article ended with this quote from political strategist Tom Houck, “Atlanta is a black city, a symbol to the world. Putting Mary’s face on that picture would be hard for a lot of people to stomach.”

On November 28, The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that the two candidates appeared to be neck and neck in the mayoral race. The article stated, “The contest is widely expected to be decided by one of the tightest margins since Atlanta’s black majority gained political clout in the 1970s. A WSB-TV Channel 2/Insider Advantage sampling on Nov. 20 had the two candidates tied at 46% for the runoff, with 8% undecided. Ms. Norwood won 46% of the vote in the general election, while Mr. Reed came in second with 36%; the runoff is required because no candidate received 50%-plus needed to win outright.” (CLICK HERE for the full article.) This article also put a large focus on the racial issue in the race.

On November 27, AJC blogger Jim Galloway posted that basketball legend Dominique Wilkins switched his endorsement to Kasim Reed less than a month after recording a phone message robo-call for Mary Norwood. (CLICK HERE for the full blog.) You can hear his Norwood endorsement message HERE.

On November 23, posted that “11 Alive News obtained footage of a man picking up Mary Norwood for Mayor campaign signs and handing them over to a worker at the Kasim Reed campaign field office in Atlanta.” Here is a YouTube video that claims Reed’s campaign paid a homeless man to steal the signs:

Finally…Emory University posted part one of October’s mayoral forum. Though this took place before the candidates were narrowed down to Reed and Norwood, I’m including it just in case anyone missed it.


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