Posted by: mwwilco | November 29, 2009

Georgia Nurse Accused of Abusing Anesthetized Patients

Georgia nurse and anesthetist Paul Patrick Serdula has been accused of abusing anesthetized patients in dental and medical offices across metro Atlanta.

Serdula, 47, was arrested Monday night on child molestation and sodomy charges. The arrest was made after a number of videotapes were found showing the nurse fondling and groping patients who were under anesthesia. Police say the abuses could involve 100 or more victims.

The Associated Press reported: “Serdula, whose license was suspended after his arrest, first registered as a nurse in Georgia in 1997. Authorities said he was not working exclusively for any one physician but instead was a contractor hired by medical providers on a temporary basis. They said that gave him access to offices across the metro Atlanta area.”

Detectives have talked to several patients believed to be victims of Serdula’s attacks, but the investigation is challenging, as many potential victims don’t know they were molested while under anesthesia.

Anyone worried about whether they might be a victim should contact their medical provider to see if Serdula was ever employed, and if so, should then contact the Cobb County Police immediately.

“Police said they do not believe victims were at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease as a result of the incidents, and that none of Serdula’s actions ‘would require STD tests at this time.'”



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