Posted by: mwwilco | November 6, 2009

Atlanta Municipal Election Runoffs

The results are in, and it looks like Atlanta will be voting in a mayoral runoff on Dec. 1 between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed.

City Coucil District 6 is also facing a runoff between Liz Coyle and Alex Wan. The reporting on this Wednesday was confusing and misleading. At one point, Tad Christian was shown as the #2 in Liz’s runoff, but that was never the case.

According to Coyle’s Web site, here are the current numbers posted by Fulton adn DeKalb counties:

1    Wan   3,061

2    Coyle   2,171

3    Christian  2,106

4    Brodie  1,296

5    Azizi   721

6    Gallegos  149

Claire Muller and Caesar Mitchell are in a runoff for City Council President.



  1. Hey Michelle!

    You’ve done a good job with your blog so far, and you’ve collected a really good variety of content. One thing I did noticed while reading the posts is that you seem to inject your opinion a lot. I was primarily concerned with it in the election posts because my understanding of “curation” was to gather the links and post short, objective blurbs to accompany each one. It should be unbiased and is intended to report, not influence. I like the topic you picked because its very different than many of the others and seems like you are very interested in Atlanta (which I’m assuming is where you are from) and want to stay involved with your community.

    My one other suggestion would be to make the links a little more prominent. In some cases I had trouble locating them and without the links it looks just more like a blog than a collection of articles and sources.

    Keep up the good work!


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