Posted by: mwwilco | November 3, 2009

Why you should vote for Cecily Harsch-Kinnane for Atlanta Board of Education

This morning I received a comment from Charlie Stadtlander and one from a supporter of his about the election. I am glad to see that people appear to be researching both candidates and reading blogs about the election, and I would like to add more information to show why I am supporting Cecily Harsch-Kinnane.

Cecily has a long history of positive interaction with the Atlanta school system and as an advocate for its students. Cecily has been a part of what has made this school board the one that was just recognized as the best urban school board in the nation.

When Atlanta Public Schools were overcrowded, Cecily helped get a new school built to accommodate the students. She spends and has spent an incredible amount of time working in the district as a parent,vice chair of the school board, a school board member (which she has been for four years), a former teacher, and as chair of the audit committee and accountability committee. Cecily truly cares about APS.

A message from Cecily:

“During my four-year tenure, I have taken on a variety of responsibilities.  I have chaired the Audit Committee and the Accountability Committee.  Since 2007, I have served as Vice-Chair of the Board. As the representative of the board, I sit on the Atlanta Partners for Education, a joint program of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Atlanta Public Schools. I am the board delegate to The Council of Great City Schools, a national policy organization for urban school systems, and sit on its board of directors with Dr. Hall. I am the representative of Atlanta Public Schools for the Georgia School Boards Association Large Systems Forum. And through my responsibility as a board member, I have truly enjoyed hearing from and getting to better know my constituents – the students, parents, teachers and community members of my district. I have felt privileged to benefit from the collective wisdom of District 3 and its long history of community involvement.  I have called on the expertise of those who served before me as well as on the knowledge of the many people who work hard every day to make our schools – and, in turn, our intown neighborhoods and our city – strong, vibrant and welcoming to all.  The tremendous input from constituents, I can humbly say, has made me a more effective board member and, consequently, has facilitated the work of the board and also improved the Atlanta Public School system.”

To read the message in its entirety, click here.


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