Posted by: mwwilco | October 22, 2009

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane for Atlanta Board of Education, District 3

If you live in District 3, please take the time to research the two candidates for School Board Representative before voting (actually, please always take the time to research before voting, but especially in this race).

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane is the incumbent running against Charlie Stadtlander. Stadtlander’s platform is bullying in schools, but I’m supporting Cecily for many reasons. Harsch-Kinnane has had three children in APS and continues to be involved.

For more information, view these Web sites:

Cecily’s Web site

Cecily on the APS Web site

…and to view Stadtlander’s site, click here: Charlie’s Web site



  1. As a former teacher in an Atlanta Public School and as a person who has been inside many schools within APS, the claim that I have never stepped foot in an Atlanta School is wholly false. Please consider supporting me on November 3!

    • Thank you for your comment. I have removed that from the blog post and added more concrete reasons to back up my support for Cecily.

  2. Many of folks write about this topic but you wrote down really true words.

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